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Here's how it works!


1) You pay $5 to name a cat.

2) We write the name you choose on a slip of paper (along with yours if you're okay with that) and put it in a jar.

3) When we can't think of a name for a cat or kitten we'll post a video or pics of us drawing from the jar, naming the cat whatever is on the slip, and give you a shoutout online. In case you miss the post we'll also send you an email letting you know that you've just named a cat!


Fine print:
- One name per entry, names will only be chosen once. Example: You can request the name Gary 4 times for a total of $20, but when we draw the 1st Gary we'll remove the rest. 

- Names can be as short as one word, or include a first, middle, last, and any honorifics. 

- Names will be kept in the jar until they are chosen. We will not empty the jar after each naming ceremony. 

- Any names we deem as inappropriate, offensive, or in poor taste will be tossed out and we'll keep your five bucks. 



Double fine print for This is NOT a lottery or any form of gambling, nor is it a donation. This is a the purchase of naming rights, to be chosen at random, with each purchase being honored. 

Name a cat!

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