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A message during the coronavirus outbreak: 


Hi everybody. How ya doin? You hanging in there and snuggling your cats tight? I hope you’re staying safe and practicing lots of self care. It’s so surreal to watch everything slowly shut down, this impact is huuuuuge and seeing it affect so many dear animal organizations is especially heartbreaking to me. As I type this Sunday morning (3/22) here are a few of our local resources that have been affected and how you can help them out:


  1. The City of Bloomington Care and Control needs your help adopting and fostering animals. Go to their website for more info on how you can quarantine with a new furry friend. Please, if you have space consider doing this, it’s so important right now!

  2. Pets Alive is temporarily closed and all spay/neuter, TNR services are suspended. This is a sad one, yall. This will have a large impact on many regional groups, but we understand their decision. Medical supplies are scarce right now and you can’t operate (quite literally!) without them. 

  3. Feral Cat Friends is still helping to feed and care for so many community cats, even if they can’t TNR them right now. And they need donations for food!! Many cats rely on them, please help if you can. More info through their website. 

  4. Monroe County Humane Association has shortened their clinic hours but has expanded the criteria for folks to benefit from their pet food pantry. If you find yourself in financial hardship and need pet food please reach out to them. If you’re able to donate they especially need dry cat food right now, see their website for updated hours.

  5. Silver Linings Rescue is working with MCHA to get pet food to seniors who have pets and need an extra hand. Reach out to them if you know of a senior (or are a senior) who needs help with their animals. 


As for the status of The Ranch, we’re doing okay here. I’m well stocked on supplies and don’t want to put a strain on existing resources by asking for donations at this time. I’m sure I will in the future but for now we’re good. I am worried about kitten season and the impact this will have on our feline community. If you can, please help in the following ways: 


  1. We are at full capacity with adult cats. The shelter is filling up (though still accepting strays!!) and with Pets Alive closed to TNR the best thing you can do right now if you find a cat in your neighborhood is to please offer it food, shelter, and post about it on message boards like Bloomington Lost and Found or neighborhood groups. If you are able (and kitty is receptive) please consider housing kitty for the time being. If that is not an option please set up a cozy spot outdoors and help keep kitty safe and dry until resources open back up. Again, as of now the shelter is still accepting strays but more than ever this would be a great time to keep animals safe in homes and out of the shelters. 

  2. If you find pregnant cats please let us know. We want to get momma off the streets and give her the care she needs and a safe place to deliver. 

  3. If you find kittens wandering around please get them to safety immediately and call/text/DM us right away. Newly exploring kittens are extremely vulnerable, getting them to safety is top priority. 

  4. If you find very young kittens - eyes still closed or very small, often tucked away in a “safe” place by momma cat - please get a hold of us right away and do not disturb the nest. Mom is often hiding nearby and the kittens have the best chance at survival if we can get her along with her babies. 

  5. Help look out on message groups for cats that fit the descriptions above and tag/suggest/@ us so we can help!


Please help shout this from the rooftops:


If you’re reading this from outside of the Bloomington Indiana area please reach out to your local shelters and animal welfare organizations and see how you can help! 


Wow, okay, I know that’s a lot of info! We’ll all get through this together. Hang in there, everyone, from myself and all the cats at The Ranch, we love you and thank you. 

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