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Estimated DOB: 7/16/15

(m) Gray


Mitchy Mitch went to the vet today and came home ball less and flawless! Dr Gilliatt did a great job getting him through his surgery while monitoring a heart murmur, always risky but worth it to get him neutered. He also needed a dental, pretty badly. He ended up losing his upper and lower left canines, molar remnants, and some inscisiors too. He’ll be back in the garage catio for a few days, he’s on a soft food diet while his mouth heals up and we need to keep him out of the cromchy foods. He’s gonna feel so much better though! TBD if his little tongue will stick out the side of his mouth, we’ll keep you updated with this important information.

In general he’s been spending a lot more time inside the house. He's coming along to the idea that dogs exist and maybe won’t eat him, and he’s a total and complete pushover when it comes to the resident ranch cats. He’s very afraid of feet and is not a cat you can block or shoo with your foot. He freaks out and it’s pretty sad but we keep promising him that nobody is ever going to hurt him ever again. Just a couple more weeks before Mitch is ready for adoption! Apply to adopt him today if you want to help love this sweet older gent!


Now that Mitch has been able to relax after retiring from his life as a street cat it’s time to get this old fella a home! He’s been living in his indoor catio bachelor pad but we need someone who is up for the challenge of helping Mitch learn about house life. Right now he’s the kind of guy who would let dishes pile up in the sink and never take the garbage out. But with a little training (and his upcoming neuter) he’ll be cleaning the oven and emptying out the dishwasher before you have to ask. Metaphorically speaking, maybe.


He has… okay… litter box habits. We’re still working on peeing inside the box but have compromised by using a pee pad just outside the box. Baby steps! So far we’ve not noticed any spraying/marking but it will take time post neuter for his testosterone to chill so that’s a thing he might do. We’re just trying to be transparent. He’s a great pooper. A little too great sometimes. He seems to have a sensitive system so having him on some sort of GI food will be key. How this dude survived on literal garbage for so many years we’ll never know.


Most of the time he’s a perfect gentleman but occasionally he’ll get what we can only imagine is a flashback from whatever the kitty equivalent of ‘nam is and swat at you or freak out for a sec. He’ll quickly headbutt you to say he’s sorry though. We always forgive him, surely there will be a little PTSD from the shit he’s seen. He’s been friendly to the cats he’s met here so far, but he has only had limited interaction with them. He’s not a fan of dogs. I don’t think living with one would go well, probably for the dog.


Mitch is around 6 and while he was loved at some point in his life he’s clearly spent most of it outdoors. He is 85% muscle and 101% love. He’s also bad at math, and so are we. He’s FIV+, has a clean bill of health, comes vaccinated, microchipped, and with a lifelong support system when you adopt from The Ranch Cat Rescue. Ideally Mitch would have an indoor only home, but we want to make sure he is happy.


What good hearted, cat savvy, borderline masochist wants to step up and adopt this half eared bundle of awesome? Fill out an application at today!


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