Are you ready to open your home to a new feline friend? Whether it's your first cat or you're a seasoned pet parent we're here to help match our fosters with the right forever family! You can see what cats we have available for adoption on this page and you can also sign up to be on our waitlist by letting us know what kind of kitty you're looking for. 

Not quite ready to adopt? Perhaps being a foster parent is better fit for you! We're always looking for folks who can help out from a few days to a few months.


A quick note about what to expect when adopting from The Ranch Cat Rescue

1) Our cats and kittens are matched with your family to find the best fit for everyone. Our adoption process is thorough and we may require references and veterinary records for current animals. 

2) We favor the buddy system and whenever possible adopt out kittens and cats in bonded pairs. When we do have singletons we usually require you to have another cat friend so your new pal isn't lonely. 

3) Our model is no cost adoptions and are funded by donations only. On average our cost to feed/vaccinate/spay/neuter is around $120 for healthy adult cats and $280 for healthy kittens. We by no means suggest you donate that amount, but do ask that you give what you can via any of our donation vehicles

4) Depending on what cats we have in rescue when you apply, adoption timelines will vary and may be lengthy for kittens. If you are looking for a furry friend to take home right away we recommend visiting your local animal shelter. Petco and Petsmart are also great options as all of their adoptable cats come from rescues and shelters. 

Coyote & Marten

Estimated DOB: 7/8/20

Coyote (f) Brown Tabby
Marten (m) Orange Tabby

These two snuggle and groom each other all day long and are an absolutely inseparable pair! 


Fox & Owl

Estimated DOB: 7/15/20

Fox (f) Orange Tabby, Long Hair
Owl (m) Black with White

Owl is outgoing and Fox is shy and needs some patience, both are pure love and sweetness.

Turtle & Bear

Estimated DOB: 7/15/20

Turtle (f) Tortoiseshell 
Bear (m) Black with White

Big brave Bear and the little Turtle who could! From tiny to mighty and we're so proud of them!


Billy & Bobby Beberson

Exact DOB: 7/24/20

Billy (m) Buff Tabby, Stripes
Bobby (m) Buff Tabby, Marble

These two are the biggest cuddle bugs that have ever cuddled in the entire history of the universe.


Coming Soon! 
Badger & Moose

Estimated DOB: 10/17/20

Badger (f) Black with White
Moose (m) Black

Soon these tiny panther seeds will sprout into full size house panthers.


Coming Soon!
Mr. Susan

Estimated DOB: 9/14/20

Susan (m) Grey & White

Susan is a survivor of atresia ani and will be available when we can further assess his needs. 


Volunteer to foster

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