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100% of monetary donations go directly toward medical care

and supplies.


100% of monetary donations go directly toward medical care and supplies.


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Our July Donation DRIVE was so much fun, we're doing a holiday version!

Here at The Ranch we LOVE donations of gently used cat items and extra cans/bags of food your finicky feline refused to eat! The problem with having folks drop things off is since we’re based out of a residential location we don’t share our physical address to avoid cats being dumped here. So we came up with an idea to make it easy for you to donate. A literal Donation DRIVE where we will drive around and collect donations!

All you need to do to help is live within Monroe County(ish), fill out the form below, and set out items by 9am on Saturday December 4th so we can collect them! Consider lending a double helping paw by spreading the word or offering to collect from friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. See the list below for some suggestions of items we could use if you have them lying around or want to grab some items on your next shopping trip!


Donations of new or gently used/opened:
Throw Blankets
Top Sheets
Scatter Rugs (washable)
Food/Water Bowls
Litter Boxes
Dog Crates
Dry Kitten/Cat Food
Canned Kitten/Cat Food
Any Litter
Potty Pads
Paper Towels
Laundry Detergent


Supplies for making winter cat shelters:
Medium/Large storage totes
Medium/Large coolers
Styrofoam coolers
Igloo dog houses
Camouflage color spray paint
Large scraps of foam sheet insulation

Really, anything cat/pet related will be put to good use! If you’re wondering, well, would they take it - the answer is YES! If we can’t put it to immediate use we’ll pass it along to folks who can.

If you want to help, but won't be able to take part on 12/4 you can check out other ways to donate at