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Please read the following FAQ before filling out the contact form

Rehoming Pets

As much as we would like to help we are currently not able to rehome or shelter owned pets. Our mission is to rescue and if we took in all the pet requests we wouldn't be able to help with the unowned animals who don’t have anyone else. We recommend rehoming through,, or your local Animal Shelter.


Rehoming Feral or Community Cats

Feral and Community Cats are often best where they are after being trapped, neutered, and returned. They thrive when provided with shelter, care, and regular feeding where they are - moving them can sometimes do more harm than good. We’d be happy to consult with you on how you can help the cats in your area and provide you with additional resources. 


Gently Used Donations

Yes please! Check out the link on our donation page for items we accept and we can make a plan to pick up or arrange for a drop off. 


Medical Advice

The Ranch Cat Rescue is not a veterinarian nor do we have one on staff. While we are glad to share our experience when able, we are NOT able to provide emergency care or medical diagnosis. If you need emergency after hours help we recommend IndyVet 24 hour hospital.


Please know that we are a home based rescue run by one human with a handful of volunteers. We can only do so much and we appreciate your patience with our replies and human limitations. Yelling at us, lying to us, and guilting us will not make us able (or willing) to help you faster. 

Have a question or looking for help? Fill our contact form and we'll be in touch if we can help! 

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